20 pages
2 colour riso print
titles stamped on black ink
120 gr soft cotton paper
70 copies handnumbered
edited and curated by Francesco de Figueiredo and Massimiliano Bomba

FYOELK and MOEMLIEN are respectively Johann Kauth and Hannah Giese, better known together as the duo HALLO GALLO .
Starting with Amsterdam, these two have taken to invading the most crooked corners of European underground by means of drawings, fanzines and obscure installations.
With their label Stenze Quo, they have published cdr and tapes for people like Dolphins Into the Future, Dreamers Cloth, and whatever they found to have"positive vibes".
When they make music, they split into two uncoordinated entities originating from some lunar land, confused by the craters of its hidden face.

"Rainforest is an irregular gathering somewhere in Rome. It deals with
strange, weird, crooked and noisy sounds, from postnoise to new age
punk to freak psychedelia to hypna-dance: tons of pedals, bent people
howling into microphones, pagan rituals, intestinal ulcers...
To each event is related a limited edition zine from the same bands
that will perform that night. The name of the zine is, of course,
Rainforest." Valerio Mattioli