Lorenzo Mapelli

"The images shown in this book are obtained from a small set of photos found in Rome, Italy. The set consists of 50 Polaroids portraying dogs of
various breeds and sizes, all taken in the beginning of the 90?s. The pictures were shot in front of or around the same anonymous spot, an old
and rusty picket fence somewhere in the backyard of a house in the roman suburbs. Each Polaroid was found attached to an index card, complete with the
following information on the dog pictured: name, year of birth, breed, sex and name of the owner. It is not known why or for whom
these photos were taken."

200 copies
A5 64 pages
Colour printed with Indigo HP 7500
matte coated 115 g paper and 250g cover
printed and published in May 2011 by Rawraw Edizioni

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