Lupo Borgonovo

CHEESE CHEESE is a project based on a series of unpublished drawings by Lupo Borgonovo, produced between May and September 2015.
CHEESE CHEESE follows an initial narrative flow that can be altered and inverted at liberty by the spectator,
according to his or her personal gaze and logic.
The protagonist of CHEESE CHEESE is Coso, a bizarre creature with the body of a human being, the ears of a mouse, the nose of an elephant.
Coso lives in a white, orthogonal place and is capable of assuming different forms according to what he is looking at.
The life of Coso is a panoramic wheel moving at variable speed.

150 copies
162 pages b/w
20 x 27cm colour printed oon Fedrigoni snow white uncoated 100 g paper and 300g cover
Vases edition of 20 made in collaboration with Rio Grande

CHEESE CHEESE is the second volume of Paper Space Collection (PSC#02) curated by Davide Giannella and Massimiliano Bomba, disegned by Studio Temp.
Printed and published in December 2015 by Rawraw Edizioni.