This is the project we made during the workshop "Handmade Editions" curated by Federico Lupo at the Abadir accademy in Sicily the 1-2-3 April 2011
besides presentig our project about "La Natura Brutale", we realized a fanzine with the
help of the partecipants: Alfio Penna, Valeria Grasso, Federico Severino, Piera Fiamingo,
Elisa Bonaccorso, Rosanna Giuffrida, Monica Saso, Cetty Previtera, Raffaela Leona, Giuseppe Sciuto.

You can see some pictures of the workshop here, here and also here and download the zine in pdf format here.

A. zine
30 numbered copies
A5 28 pages, b/w xerox print on 80g ivory Favini paper
120g light blue or ivory cover
printed and published in April 2011 by Rawraw Edizioni

info: info@rawrawedizioni.com