Andrea Sala

Andrea Sala takes a Tachipirina every day. It doesn’t matter if he’s sick or not, neither if this daily
action is healthy for him. What really matters is to cultivate a well-defined
methodology, like his personal creative path, which always
starts from the creation of maquettes, in order to reach the final art piece.

Tachipirina, as an exibitions, narrates the process that Sala activates
each time he approaches to a new project, he describes and ennobles
every passage from the mind to the hand to the final product.
50 copies
86 pages color digital offset
20 x 27cm colour printed on Fedrigoni snow white uncoated 170g paper and 300g cover
3 art print edition of 5 made in collaboration with Andrea Rossetti

TACHIPIRINA is the third volume of Paper Space Collection (PSC#02) curated by Davide Giannella and Massimiliano Bomba, disegned by Studio Temp.
Printed and published in March 2017 by Rawraw Edizioni.

info: info@rawrawedizioni.com

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prices shipping included